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Bamboo Inhouse Massage Treatments

A pre or post flight massage is a great way to unwind, reduce some of that stress! Book a massage and shift your mindset to holiday mode. Please book at Front Desk. After Sun Massage Aloe Vera against sunburn and will help to get a golden tan. Duration: 50 min Price: $65 Anti Stress Massage Remove all stress with a back and neck massage Duration: 40 min Price: $45 Indian Head Massage Relief mental fatigue and regenerate brain activity Duration: 30 min Price: $45 Foot Reflexology Bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body Duration: 60 min Price: $60 Pre Flight Massage Improve circulation and reduce high blood pressure Duration: 60 min Price: $80 Swedish Massage elongate the muscles, open the joints decrease swelling, ease movement and increase flexibility. Improve Posture Duration: 60 min / 90 min Price: $60 / $80

Spa Services are offered by Third Party Providers at Bamboo Zanzibar.

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Payment at the Front Desk / Prices Subject to Change

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