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Restaurant & Bar at Bamboo Zanzibar

Under the culinary guidance of Wojtek Bury, the Bamboo Food Concept seamlessly blends African and Asian influences, drawing inspiration from our Zanzibar heritage and utilizing locally sourced ingredients.


Embracing a dynamic approach, we curate a seasonal menu each year, steering clear of repetition to foster creativity and innovation. Committed to permaculture principles and zero-waste objectives, we passionately pursue a low carbon footprint, consistently championing local suppliers.


Our culinary philosophy embraces the "slow food" movement, deliberately eschewing conventional fast-food items such as fries, burgers, and pizzas from our menu.

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Organic & Local 

At Bamboo Zanzibar Restaurant, we believe that food should be organic, locally sourced, and sustainably produced. Our seafood is always fresh from the sea, and our vegan and vegetarian dishes are prepared with only the finest ingredients. We are committed to moving towards zero waste and have a low carbon footprint. We even grow our own vegetables and raise our own chickens for eggs. Come experience the flavors of Zanzibar and the commitment to sustainability at Bamboo Zanzibar Restaurant.


Experiences &  Events

At Bamboo Zanzibar Restaurant, we offer one of the most unique dining experiences in Zanzibar. Our 50 meters infinity pool is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. We also have seven lounges equipped with BBQ fire pits, perfect for seafood BBQs, private romantic dinners and even birthday celebrations. Our chefs prepare a gourmet dining experience that is sure to exceed your expectations. With our unique ocean view and one of the best restaurants in Zanzibar, Bamboo Zanzibar Restaurant is the perfect place to have an unforgettable experience.

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Tropical Inspiration 

Bamboo Zanzibar is a unique bar experience, combining the best of tropical flavors with a modern twist. Our bar offers a range of cocktails, fresh tropical juices and bar classics, as well as crafted cocktails made from locally grown produce. We also have a barista, serving up the finest coffee and tea from Tanzania. Our cocktails are based on the freshest seasonal fruits and locally produced ingredients. Come visit us and experience the flavors of the tropics!

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