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Bamboo Infinity Lounge Barbeque

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We are adding a new culinary adventure to our Bamboo Zanzibar dining offering. Starting from $45 per person & pre-booked the day before, we offer you a spot in one of our 7 luxury ocean view barbeques. We provide all ingredients for a romantic grilled seafood dinner, marinate goat leg or help set the scene as you and your friends are stirring a traditional "Koroga". CLICK FOR OUR CURRENT BBQ MENU A word meaning "stir" in Swahili is a popular way to share food in East Africa. Friends meet up and cook together! The longer you stir - the better it gets. Waiting time is sweetened by colorful conversations and alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy your time at our Bamboo Infinity Lounge while you barbecue your own food or - for an additional fee of $20 - we will provide a private chef to assist you. WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION?

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