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Makunduchi Village Tour

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Discover the beautiful authentic Zanzibar-untouched by tourism

Red soil. Red clay huts. Banana plantations. Huge mango trees. A quiet slow life. This is Makunduchi. A typical African/Zanzibari village where life just goes on. And on. We will take you through the gardens and plantations, bring up water from the deep well, pass the school, look at some stunning clay huts with courtyard, see how they make charcoal ( even that they do beautifully), chat with the locals, check out the school and the hospital and try fruit and local specialties on the way. We pick you up at your hotel ( if you stay in Paje, Jambiani or Makunduchi) and will bring the bikes. These are perfect to use as we then can cover the whole area and maybe even go to the baobab forest and light house. Smell, sound, warm wind and Zanzibar flavors surrounding you. Place: Makunduchi Time: App. 3 hours WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION? South East Coast (15 min from Bamboo Zanzibar) Book a Day Ahead Place: Makunduchi Duration: 3 hours Price xx

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