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Chakula Safari • Food Safari by Mila

Everything around Swahili food, foraging, local fruits and vegetables. Great occasion for spice and souvenirs shopping. Starting point Bamboo Zanzibar in Jambiani then we go into the center of the island, west coast & end in Stone Town.

It’s full-day trip: we start in Jambiani then we go into land/middle of island and west coast. You meet Mila in the morning and from beginning you might start eating and experience new flavours: fruits like bungo, durian (if there’s season), seaweed, baobab candy, something we forage for example fresh baobab leaves or berries.

We stop at stalls and meet local sellers whenever there’s a chance for example to drink dafu (fresh coconut water, one of superfoods), in Kinyasini we explore very local market. Great moment to buy some Zanzibari spices and superfoods. Then we visit the Spice Farm (plantation), for a tour you will be taken by Zanzibari Black Simba (Lion), multi skilled in languages guy who talks and sings in Polish and other 6 languages.

Lunch at Spice Girls Bistro will be prepared in traditional way. It’s from farm to table experience. You will have a great chance to get all the knowledge about Swahili cuisine, very local style, cooked on fire, close to earth and nature by awesome ladies.

In Stone Town we go to Darajani market, walk around old town and finish at Night Food Market Foradhani where you “must” eat green mango Urojo soup/Zanzibar Mix and enjoy sunset.

WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION? Book a Day Ahead Place: Across the Island Duration: 9:00-20:00 Price $80 per person transportation, admission and lunch included

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